Immo Brown, real estate in Knokke

Your partner in selling exclusive real estate

IMMO BROWN combines personal service and extensive expertise.

With its networks and partners both home and abroad and its passion and professionalism, IMMO BROWN is a constant value on the real estate market in Knokke, het Zoute and Duinbergen.

The office of IMMO BROWN Knokke is situated in Sparrendreef 80, close to the Dominican church in Knokke het Zoute. Do you want to buy real estate in or around Knokke or het Zoute? Do you have an exceptional villa, house or apartment in mind? A villa resting quietly in a lane, or rather an apartment in the town centre? Or do you want to rent on an annual basis? We can offer you a broad range of apartments, houses and villas for sale or rent in Knokke, het Zoute or in Duinbergen. We are sure to have something to suit your preferences.

You are always cordially welcome in the offices of IMMO BROWN in Sparrendreef 80. Are you looking for a professional partner for your real estate transactions? Trust the professional team of IMMO BROWN.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an informal talk, we will gladly help you.
Patricia and Stefaan Geerebaert-Lemaitre
Immo Brown sells luxury real estate in Knokke, Zoute, Heist, Duinbergen and the surrounding region.
Our office specialises in the sale of villas and apartments and complex real estate projects.

We are known for our personalized service and flawless follow-up of each project. Each type of property requires a different approach - but you, as an owner, also have specific requirements. Our task is to guide you as closely as possible through the various steps of the real estate transaction. We pilot your project through the complex real estate rules and legal frameworks. We strive for the best service. As an owner, you entrust us with your property and hence with part of your life.

You can definitively aim high. Contact us in all confidence and full discretion.
We will be glad to help you towards a successful sale of your real estate.
You want to sell your house, villa, apartment, ground in Knokke, Het Zoute, Duinbergen or the surrounding areas, right now or in the near future? What is your property worth and for what amount can you really sell it?

A quick and successful sale undoubtedly starts with the correct price-fixing and a realistic sale price in line with the current market value. After all, the valuation of real estate is not child's play and requires professional knowledge.

Immo Brown has acquired this expertise through many years of experience in the sale of both private and professional real estate.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an informal exploratory meeting.


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