Selling your real estate

You want to sell your house, villa, apartment or building lot at the maximum value in or around Knokke, Het Zoute, Duinbergen, Sluis or Retranchement? We will gladly help you.


Selling real estate is not an everyday event. Immo Brown has been active for 10 years in the sale of real estate in the Knokke region. Down through the years our office has specialized in the sale of exclusive real estate in the Knokke, Het Zoute, Duinbergen and Retranchement areas. Our impeccable services are also sought even far beyond these regions.

Preparing the dossier

A good preparation of the dossier is of crucial importance: the client is transparently and honestly informed and no “surprises” suddenly appear that might threaten the sale. Immo Brown ensures that all legal documents are to hand. Town planning information, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), electric testing, soil certificate (OVAM), inspection of fuel oil tank ...

Publicity and network

The exclusive real estate that you sell calls for a very specific approach. Buyers for this type of property are seldom to be found on the typical 'general public' websites. Immo Brown therefore invests in very specific trade journals, Google advertising, own magazine and networking.

Our recognizable boards make your property instantly stand out in the streetscape of Knokke. We ensure the ideal placing of the sign, so that your house, apartment or building lot immediately receives the attention it deserves.

Over the years Immo Brown has developed an extensive network of buyers, lessors and investors in Belgium and beyond. Our broad client base is constantly updated. For each type of real estate, we select a perfect match between buyers and sellers.

Visits, negotiations and sale agreement

Our experts provide professional guidance during visits and check the solvency of the potential buyer in the event of a bid. Our office also takes care of the negotiations towards the sale.
If the candidate buyer is approved, our administrative team attends to the completion of the sale dossier and draws up a watertight sale agreement. Here we take account of the regularly changing provisions of property legislation, ensuring that our team is kept permanently informed.

What you can expect from Immo Brown:

  • Immo Brown always goes for best quality, every time.
  • Most of the exclusive villa offerings in the region is sold by Immo Brown.
  • Personal guidance and professional advice. After all, you do not sell your property every day.
  • Control of the sale from A to Z.
  • Targeted communication channels according to type of property.
  • We apply the “no-cure-no-pay-principle”. In the exceptional case that we cannot find a suitable buyer, you do not have to pay us.
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