Renting out your property without worries

Renting out your house, villa or apartment in Knokke, Duinbergen, het Zoute or Knokke-Heist?
Letting a house or apartment requires a sound dossier and project management once a tenant is found. Our estate agents and administrative staff guarantee an experienced follow-up. You also want to be sure that your rights as a lessor are fully respected.

This is what you may expect:

  • Your property is hired faster
We have our own promotion channels to inform potential tenants. We personally contact our extensive national and international network to present your property.

  • Selection of candidate tenants for you
Our colleagues arrange visits by potential tenants. Where there is interest, we ask candidates for the necessary information to be sure that they meet all minimum requirements. We present the candidates and the choice is up to you.

  • Drafting a watertight rental contract
Once the tenant(s) is/are found, all arrangements are put down on paper and our team draws up a rental contract for you. Immo Brown is an expert in the field of legal rights and obligations for tenants and owners alike. So, you can be sure that the rental contract will not disadvantage you as owner.

  • Hire guarantee
We take care, from our office, of the whole procedure concerning the hire guarantee. Hence, there is no need for you to go to the bank. You sign the documents at our office. Once the guarantee is paid, we inform you accordingly.
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