Luxembourg-Ville Centre

  • Rooms1 - 3
  • Bathrooms1 - 3
  • Area107 - 326 m²
Price on request
Ref.: 3617306

The former Dominican convent of Saint-François, located in the heart of the Old City of Luxembourg, has been restored and completely renovated to bring it back to life and offer its future inhabitants exceptional spaces.

This architectural jewel, studied for several years, pays a true tribute to the history of the site while promoting contemporary design. A perfect mix between the past of these multi-centenary walls and the needs of our era.

The apartments, designed in the form of apartments, offer the best possible living comfort today and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of the most demanding people.

This marvel is located between the Corniche overlooking the magnificent Grund district and the Gastronomic Islet next to the Grand Ducal Palace and Place Guillaume II.

Located on the former city walls, this building offers exceptional views in all directions and is certainly one of the last projects in the centre of the capital that offers such a location and quality. This is indeed a unique opportunity!


1st floor

Rooms Area Terrace Price
Le Cloitre [+1.03] (Flat) 1 107 m² € 1.985.000

2nd floor

Rooms Area Terrace Price
Le Cloitre [+2.01] (Flat) 3 269 m² € 4.600.000
Le Cloitre [+2.02] (Duplex) 3 249 m² € 5.900.000
Le Cloitre [+2.06] (Duplex) 3 228 m² € 5.950.000

3rd floor

Rooms Area Terrace Price
Le Cloitre [+3.02] (Duplex) 3 243 m² € 5.000.000
Le Cloitre [+3.01] (Duplex) 3 326 m² € 6.600.000

4th floor

Rooms Area Terrace Price
Le Cloitre [+4.04] (Duplex) 2 262 m² € 4.600.000

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